Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The rationale for this blog is to provide a place to publish some thoughts on life in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. My interests are in the micro-economic changes that are taking place. I have little interest in the political reality of the country.

I arrived in Kiev in late 1992 as part of the first group of Peace Corps volunteers. Somehow I found very good reasons to stay in Ukraine after my two years of Peace Corps service finished. I have been active in a broad range of activities; private business, development work and the US government. All through this time, the magic of Kiev and Ukraine in general, has been the relentless changes that have taken place. These changes are not easy to see and really only stand out when viewed over a long period of time. To a short-term observer the changes in Ukraine seem to moving at a snail’s pace, to a long term resident, the speed of real change is exciting. It is that excitement that I wish to record.


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