Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving evening

Khreshchatyk is now filled completely with tents and buses of supports for Yushchenkos. The snow has stopped and it was a full moon tonight with a very orange setting Sun. There are many rumors running around now about the city and many of them are untrue. Here are a few reasonable ones. Yanukovych punched out four teeth of the Transportation Minister yesterday for not blocking railroad and auto traffic from the western end of the country. The SBU has gone over to Yushchenko. The police guarding the Presidential Administration Building has not been fed in two days and are asking for food to be sent up from Independance Square. The counter demonstators are being paid 200 UAH per day for their efforts. They, for the most part, seem young men who could use the money and without much political knowledge or real passion. It is said that Kyiv now has over one million visitors staying in the city. Shovkovichna St. is now full of buses from outside of the city and appear to be full of cold, uncomfortable men, probably police.
It could be the best time for the city and nation, a true awakening. Time will tell.


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