Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Tonight there seem to have been a number of turns in events. First the confirmation of the election by the Ukrainian Central Elections Committee. This was managed in a Soviet fashion with opposition members of the committee not given places to sit in the hall. The next turn was the announcement that the opposition next step would to begin planning disruptions of the transportation systems of the country. The opposition has also taken over "Ukraine House" on European Square. It should provide a central location where marches could be sent to most of the governments buildings in the center of the city. TV has been filled of video of long rows of buses filled with police and rent-a-thugs from the Eastern part of the country. This does not bode well. Finally, there has been information that Central European leaders, including representatives of the President of Poland, are coming to Kyiv to begin negotiations with the two parties. Yushchenko has called for a new round of elections with cleaner rules, for example, not allowing absentee ballots. The Ukrainian practice of absentee ballots allowed any citizen to visit any polling and claim that they were away from their home and needed a place to vote. This allowed roving bands of voters to visit multiple polling sites in a day. The is apparently a few small villages that had over 1500 absentee ballots voted on Sunday.

One final note. The many entertainers who are performing at the Yushchenko rallies on independence Square should be granted lifetime popularity from the citizens of the city. They may never appear on Russian TV again.

Kyiv remains quiet tonight but the snows still falls.


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