Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Notes on Sunday Night, December 26, 2004.

They watched through the school gym'’s large windows. They watched the ballots being counted and sorted. As the piles for Yushchenko grew higher, rising well over Yanukovych'’s, it was apparent that their faith had proved correct. They knew that someday Ukraine would have freedom, and liberty, and a choice. They were patient and calm. They stayed watching all evening, over four hours. The election laws required a long, voice count, from one to one hundred, over 22 times, called out by the head of the election commission, this took time. Then it was time for the sorting of the ballots. As the stacks of fifty ballots for the candidates grew, it became apparent that Yushchenko had won the election, at least in this village, south of Kiev. The people looking in, watching the progress, were patient and calm. They had waited a lifetime for this. They know that this is perhaps their last chance for a free and fair election. They were the older women of the village. As I watched this Sunday evening, at first I thought they were being excluded from the election count. The election laws required a closed committee meeting for the vote count. Only a small group of people were allowed in. These older women were not in this small group. They looked in patiently but passively, that is an old image of Ukraine. But as we left the school, late into the night of December 26, it became apparent that I was wrong, the old women of the village had not been excluded. Sunday night, a fair and free election came out from being locked up. The old women of the village were waiting for it, in a free and open Ukraine. And they celebrated the release of the election, into the night.


At 5:31 PM, Blogger Ron said...

Next will come - hopefully - a fair and free election of members of the Rada.

Perhaps before that election, those guilty of the crime of fraud in these past elections will have been imprisoned - and the chances of a fair and free election more firmly established.

Funny - from news reports, we know exactly who most of the guilty ones are. Funny too - none of them have been arrested.


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