Thursday, March 17, 2005

On questions of Yulia Timoshenko's hair.

The Timoshenko look is nothing, if not calculated. Her hair was naturally
brunette and worn down until 2002. A "honey tint like Julia" can now cost up
to USD 200 at a top Kiev beauty salon. The Timoshenko braid, modelled on
Ukrainian peasant tradition and made famous during the Orange Revolution, is
quite real. The braid scored her a typical coup in 2003, after parliament
detractors accused her of wearing a hairpiece.

MP Timoshenko was ready for them, letting her hair down during rebuttal. The
move proved her opponents liars and what's more placed her image atop
evening newscasts and on front pages of newspapers the next morning. "Like
any woman, I try to look attractive in my own way," Timoshenko told
Ukrainska Pravda magazine, adding, "I think people sometimes make too much
of my outfits."


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Mike said...


Anyway you look at it (Tymoshenko's hair) she is one good-looking ex-PM.
In fact, probably the hottest ever seen. Ukraine should be proud to have her....even if she may have been peddling some gas on the side...


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