Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Some movement in speeding up business registration

from Ukrayinska Pravda

Yuschenko wants single window principle to be used for enterprise registration

translated by Gennady Kornev , 24.03.2005, 17:37

President of Ukraine ordered that his government introduce simplified procedure of enterprise registration. That was his statement on the joint meeting at the Ministry of science and education.

According to Victor Yuschenko that is necessary “that the person, who knows how to organize two or more workplaces was able to do that easily”. Yuschenko noted that today investments are streaming into Ukraine; he sited Germany as an example.

“German banks had supplied a line of credit amounting to EUR 2 bln. for the reconstruction of Ukrainian energy-producing industry. Let me remind you that EUR 2 bln equals the total amount of money, invested into our country in the last 5 years,” – President Yushchenko underlined.

He also mentioned that each day comes a meeting with new people, who are ready to invest in Ukraine and who just require only showing them: “which doors we should use not to pay any bribes”.

Mr. Yuschenko reminded, that present situation in Ukraine allows creating new workplace in approximately 15 months.

The experiment of simplified procedure already proved its effectiveness with Odessa customs authority. All seven ‘responsible structures’ were placed in the same room there. “And the time of customs registration was then reduced from 3 weeks to 5 minutes,” – the President summarized.

Source: Liga / Businessinform


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