Thursday, April 21, 2005

English Language Ukrainian newsources

For a while I have wanted to collect reliable news services on Ukraine. Here is a start. It is not complete and I will be adding more as time goes on. I will say that currently there is not one single information resource that is truly great. It is interesting to note that many are fee based. While the Kyiv Post is readily available in Kyiv for free, it charges a fee for its online content. It is very hard to view its content as being of any value except for the casual international reader.

Kyiv Post This is the English language weekly newspaper in Kyiv. It does not really treat any subject in depth but is good for basic lifestyle information. A large part of the site requires registration and is fee based. It is difficult to understand if the content is worth it cost. The actual newspaper is available for free in many restaurants/bars in Kyiv.

Ukraine-Observer This site provides news clips on Ukrainian news. It is good source of general news. It is the online version of a monthly magazine published by the Willard Group. Again, it is fee based but offers daily news summaries for free.

Ukrayinska Pravda: A good source for Ukrainian news-clips. It is the English version of the main Ukrainian language website.

Brama Gateway: This is a very Diaspora oriented web link collection. It is updated daily and provides a wide variety of information but it does comes through a prism of Diaspora politics.


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