Thursday, July 28, 2005

Journalistic rivalry

One of the fun competitions in Kyiv is the rivalry between the Kyiv Post and What’s-On. For a long time the competition took the form of how often could they include a photo of Walid Harfouch in each issue. Currently, the Post is leading this competition with a hard-hitting interview with Mr. Harfouch in the last issue. The Post is aiming directly at What’s On with advertising asking “Do You Need an Ad that Works?” It suggests that the Post has over twice as many readers weekly as “What’s On.” It probably does, but I would bet that readers keep “What’s On” around the house a bit longer.


In fact both the Kyiv Post and What’s On do a similar job. What’s One gives the impression that all editorial content is promotional by nature and is not ashamed of the fact. The Post tries to present a higher editorial tone but it appears no less governed by advertisers than What’s One. The one superior feature of What’s One is that it has well written, knowledgeable articles dealing with Ukrainian life. Its recent feature on tales of Ukrainians’ first journey aboard was great. The most recent article has a very broad guide to the Crimea. Of course, much of the content is tied to advertising, but again it is not ashamed of the fact.


Both newspapers feature a healthy (?) number of escort services advertisements. These must be a profit center for both the Post and What’s On. In recent articles, the Post editorial staff seems to distance itself from these ads. I would suggest that if you accept the ads, live with it. It might be handy to run a ‘Best of Kyiv” review of the services. Certainly it would be of use to the targeted readers of the Post.


At 12:01 AM, Blogger MPC said...

Perhaps you missed it, but the Post was kind of forced to editorially back away from those ads after Miazga wrote an editorial slamming westerners for coming to Ukraine for the purpose of sex tourism. A couple letter writers (rightly) called them out on the fact that five pages away from this editorial (and it was an editorial, it wasn't in the "lifestyle" or whatever the section is called that Miazga usually writes for) was about two pages of ads for Kiev prostitutes and escorts.

At 7:58 AM, Blogger bob said...

what's on isn't a newspaper but a weekly magazine. sorry.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Terry said...

While What's On is a magazine, the difference between the two services offered by What's On and the Post is minimum. Both focus on entertainment and things to do in Kyiv.


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