Friday, July 08, 2005

Nostalgia TV

The Russian cable TV channel, Nostalgia, (on Voliacable Digital Service) is an interesting service. It features TV programs from the 1980’s and before. It broadcasts a range of programs, from newscasts to movies to musical concerts. The newscasts and documentaries are full of Soviet propaganda but it is expected that you will be able to see thorough the crap. The popular musical programs feature performers that are still very active today. In a few cases, they appeared more mature in the 1970s than they do today (the magic of plastic surgeons). That Russian popular music has not changed in thirty years, at least in terms of headliners, is certainly a sign how stagnate televised popular music in Russia is.

If the channel is nostalgic about anything, it is nostalgic for Perestorika. The general image is that only during Perestorika were changes able to occur and perhaps a great deal of foresight did not take place during that period in making the changes. This nostalgic viewpoint seems much stronger in Russia than it is in Ukraine. One final note, some of the documentaries produced during Perestorika were strongly critical of the Soviet Union. I am uncertain whether this critical opinion could be broadcast today on Russian TV.

Voliacable provides a great digital TV service. If only they would return Irish National radio back to the audio service.


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