Monday, August 22, 2005

Berdyanks a GoGo

Just got back from two weeks in Berdyansk.  There is a growing up-market resort sector in the area, with more beach front hotels/motels going up. The town and resort area (the split of sand the forms the main beach area) still needs to be cleaned up but the beach remains over 10 km of good sand and nice waves.

One of our twilight adventures was a visit to a closed Pioneer camp. It must have covered 5 hectares of land and was nicely situated on bayside of the sand-split. On some of the camp’s buildings were nice ceramic murals. One was of Lenin and another was of water sports. Any day now, the Pioneer camp will be bulldozed to build a new resort. The piece of land that it sits on is just too valuable. The buildings are in bad shape and probably cannot be remonted adequately. What leads to my interest, “What will happen to the art?”  Yes, it is of Lenin, but is there any movement in the country trying to preserve artworks that have fallen by the wayside?


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