Monday, August 29, 2005

Ukraine's Jig-Saw

One of the ways of viewing the difference in Ukraine’s business climate pre and post the Orange Revolution is to see it as a very large, uncompleted jig-saw puzzle. In the days of Kuchma, there were thousands of pieces available to place on the table, but there were many more not quite visible. Every once in a while, on an irregular basis, more pieces were placed on the table and some pieces were taken off. It became apparent that some of the pieces were from another puzzle and would never fit into the final version. The completed picture of the puzzle on the puzzle box was clouded and not completely in focus.

The new Yushchenko version has far more of the puzzle pieces on the table and more people are actively placing the pieces into place. The final image of the puzzle is more in focus (but not universally agreed upon) and there is a chance of completing it.


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