Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wedding Party Viewing

Last Saturday afternoon was prime wedding party viewing time at Mariyinskiy Park. The park and the palace are central points on the Kyiv wedding trip circuit. The park offers the Mariyinksy Palace for photos along with two large fountains and a few Soviet memorials. The trend for stretch limos has continued. Currently, a bus for your wedding party is also seen as an important must have. A large portion of the square outside the Palace was covered by wedding party cars. There is a pecking order for wedding parties, those with the stretch limos seem to move to the front of the line for photos. Bridal fashion is still fairly traditional in Kyiv, although I did see a red wedding dress early in the spring. There is a growing bridal services market in the city and there must be an opportunity for an enterprising wedding organizer. There is a great willingness to spend money of weddings and brides are just starting to understand the possibilities for all out bridal spending.

The social anthropology aspects of wedding parties are the most fun. There is a great deal of social interaction going on and people are trying to put a very happy face on for the day. Often the most interesting groups are the family and friends of the bride and groom. They often are having a much better time the wedding couple.


At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most intersting groups ...

You are absolutely right! Your post brought back to mind a number of weddings which I attended (there seems to be a season in one's life where all you seem to do is to attend weddings and then poof it ends!). Not too long ago I happened on a wedding ceremony at a Buddhist temple. Beautiful but the whole red color scheme still gets to me (far to encultured to white). Always love reading your posts but wish there were more. Cheers!


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