Friday, November 18, 2005

Software Marketing Today and Yesterday

Today I attended a software presentation put on by the Robertson and Blums Company. They presented the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business system. The presentation was co-sponsored by Oracle and IBM. It was fine presentation that showed a high degree of marketing skill and actually provided some useful information. The presentation reminded me of one of the first professional activities I was involved in Kyiv in 1995. I was working for Arthur Anderson at the time, and Arthur Anderson was cooperating with Robertson and Blums to market and implement the Sun Systems accounting package. I was head of the new business systems practice and it came down to me to present how the Sun System accounting system could deal with both Ukrainian and International Accounting Standards. Kyiv at the time did not really have appropriate presentation spaces, so we used a meeting room in the Ukrainian House, where Arthur Anderson leased offices. The presentation went fairly well expect that the room was hot and too full of sun light. We had looked into the space a few days before but we did not notice that the curtains did not fully cover the windows. The first part of the presentation was by a team of Arthur Anderson accountants on Ukrainian accounting issues. Their use of Powerpoint was hampered by an inability to actually see much of the presentation due to too much sunlight hitting the screen. During the coffee break, I rushed to find a Powerpoint background with extreme contrast and change our presentation. Somehow I got it done and was able to present a reasonable talk on Sun Systems. I remember the most of the questions were from international business people just starting to get their feet wet in Ukraine.

The facilities that Robertson and Blums used today, at the Radisson SAS hotel were far superior to what we had available. They did have problems moving from one portable computer to another which is something that rarely goes well in presentations.

Ukrainian software marketing is really grown in quality in the last ten years but it still is always seems like a bit of snake-oil salesmanship. Promises on the utility of the software are always made and sometimes these promises have little to back them up. Robertson and Blums is a good company which has been active in Ukraine for over ten years.


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